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Lightspace safety management system helps keep employees, managers, suppliers and customers safe.

Learn a little more about it and the people that created it.

The product:

Safety management solution

Lightspace is a safety management software tool that improves workplace safety and efficiency across a range of industries and organisations.

Our vision is a whole new level of compliance – one that’s smarter, more automated and easier to implement within workplaces.

Created by:

Custom software development

Lightsail is our software development business, bringing together a mix of extensive experience and enthusiasm for the latest and greatest technology.

We have an experienced team of full-stack developers who continually challenge each other to push the boundaries of what’s possible to enhance the benefits we can achieve for our clients.

A word from our Director

“I am so very proud of the team and what we’ve been able to achieve in the last few years together. I am especially proud of Lightspace, a platform that will improve workplace safety and drive efficiency across many industries.

The feedback we’ve had has been exceptional with results far exceeding my expectations, many thanks go to our extremely talented team.”

Kane Lander, Director, Lightsail

Kane Lander - Lightsail
Lightsail connecting safety teams on the field and in the office

How we work with you

We’ve developed our unique process and methodology over our years of experience both as an agency and client-side. It’s designed to mesh seamlessly with your team and the way you work.

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