Lockdown has hit the productivity of many businesses hard, especially in construction, transport and mining. But it doesn’t mean we have to twiddle our thumbs while we wait for restrictions to ease.

If you’re lucky enough to still be comfortably up and running, and you have people who need something to do, make the most of this time by taking a few simple steps towards digitising parts of your business.

Digitisation will help you lower your overheads, reduce risk and more easily adapt to any further workplace changes. It’ll also help your teams to  work better when they’re not in the same room – something we’re only going to see more of in future with flexible working.

Here are four things you can do right now to set yourself up to thrive when we’re back to 100%.


Get rid of manual paperwork

Take the opportunity to get rid of manual paperwork and risk by digitising your forms and processes. In my opinion, any paperwork is fair game – from incident registers, to SWMS, even annual leave forms.  It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes to create an electronic version.


What are the benefits of digitising paperwork?  

  • Efficiency: Whether it’s field technicians or office staff working from home, publish resource-specific checklists to your teams. Paperwork usually gets entered into a system at some stage – starting with electronic forms removes the overheads of rekeying data from paper.
  • Clean data: You control the responses your team can provide – text, numbers, drop down box, photo, signature or whatever else you need so that the data is in a consistent format for reporting and analysis. Making fields mandatory determines that you get everything you need first time.
  • Integration: A good piece of software will allow you to integrate your checklists into your other systems.  For example, you can create a form in line with your requirements that will transmit job dispatch details to your operational system.
  • Risk reduction: Create alerts and workflows to ensure the right people are notified of the electronic responses, especially the critical ones.


Digital inductions and certificates 

If you’re still doing inductions and tracking certificates manually, you’ll love how easy they become once you digitise them.

You can use text, images and video to create inductions your team will easily understand and enjoy engaging with. Issue digital inductions to your employees to save time and make it easier to track who’s done what. QR codes for valid inductions can be displayed on a mobile phone for anyone to quickly check the validity.

For ease, you can blend a few topics into one induction to suit different types of workers, so people aren’t doing multiple inductions.


Get on top of licenses and qualifications

Keeping track of your entire workforce’s licenses and qualifications can be tricky – especially if you’re still using pen and paper, or even entering them manually into a spreadsheet.

If you properly digitise this process, not only will you save time, but you can ensure that everyone’s certificates are up to date. You could put a call out to your team to ensure their certificates are up to date or set up workflows to automatically trigger renewals.


Make commonly-used documents more accessible

You probably have a few documents which are used throughout your entire organisation already. Here’s your chance to make them even more accessible – across departments and across devices.

Site details, contact lists, escalation processes, knowledge base or WIKI articles are all examples of documents you should have uploaded in a place where everyone who needs to see them can see them. Once you’ve done that, you should easily be able to set an alarm when it’s time to update them.


The BEST way to digitise those processes?

Everything I’ve mentioned above is possible with Lightspace – our compliance software solution which helps you improve workplace safety and lower your overheads.

Lightspace’s Checklist module makes it simple to digitise your forms and processes. With our API you can have your checklists interact with your other systems across the business, creating a flexible mobility solution.

With our Induction Module, all you need to do is keep your content updated – and Lightspace will do the rest. You can set reminders to ensure your workforce’s Induction Certificate stays current.

Lightspace’s Certificate module allows your team to upload their licences and qualifications, which are routed to appropriate resources for validation.

And using the Documents module, everyone can access what they need. You can add an expiry date to each document, and set up workflows to ensure the documents remain current.

Lightspace is a cloud-based SaaS product, so there is no associated infrastructure or setup costs and it’s perfect for teams working together in different places.

Wherever your team is working now, it’s easy to get started. We walk you through the set up and take the time to onboard your team.

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