Managing site safety is simpler with Lightspace

Managing all your sites, staff and contractors can result in a tangled mess of inductions, qualifications and licenses.

Lightspace construction safety software untangles the mess and helps you ensure that everyone on site is safety-accredited.

Keep track of inductions and set auto renewal reminders. See each staff member’s induction status in an instant. Manage certificates such as licenses and qualifications across regions, sites and employee types. Send urgent safety alerts and consolidate your safety information into one central place where everyone can view it.

Protect your staff and your business, and make better strategic decisions with Lightspace.

Safety management software created by construction industry experts

The Lightsail team has worked with construction companies for years to boost efficiency and cut red tape.

Now they’ve created Lightspace to put smarter
safety into everyone’s hands.

Are you struggling in any of these areas?

Large-ring-icon_01 Reduce-cost

Reducing costs and
boost efficiency

Large-ring-icon_Home_02 Tracking-Tool-box

Tracking toolbox
attendance and getting
more people engaged

Large-ring-icon_Home_05 Inductions

Staying on top of
team inductions

Large-ring-icon_Home_04 Issue

Mitigating risk of
safety or

Large-ring-icon_05 Compliance

Making sure teams are
well-aware of their
safety obligations

Large-ring-icon_06 Audit

Being prepared for a
regulatory audit at
any time

Large-ring-icon_07 Tracking

Managing and
tracking your main
safety functions

Large-ring-icon_08 Time

Freeing up time
and resource to take on
new and bigger

How Lightspace is revolutionising construction health and safety

Toolbox Icon

Toolbox talks

Lightspace automatically takes toolbox attendance and ensures messages are getting to the right teams. If you’re struggling to engage your remote workforce, Lightspace allows you to record a video message to motivate or inspire your team.

Induction Icon

Site inductions

Lightspace keeps a real-time inductions database so you can be sure everyone on site is accredited to be there - even across multiple clients or worksites with their own requirements. Staff can open the Lightspace app on their phone to show credentials.

Caution icon

Checklists and issue management

Never lose a pre-start or defects register again. Lightspace’s Checklist and Form Builder makes light work of Incident Registers, Standard operating Procedures, Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements.

License Icon

Qualifications and licences

It’s tough to keep a record of every single person’s qualification and license - especially when you’re managing multiple regions or sites. Lightspace’s Certificates module allows workers to upload their certificates for validation.

Central Icon

One central source of information

You may be using multiple pieces of software for your essential tasks - but more moving parts means more chance of failure (and more fees). Lightspace can become your one cloud-based system, plugging straight into your ERP and other required systems.

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Large-ring-icon_01 Device

Access Lightspace
on any device

Large-ring-icon_02 No printing

Eliminate printed
paper and faxes

Large-ring-icon_03 Everyone can use

Everyone can use
and understand it

Large-ring-icon_04 Easy

Easy to get started,
no software needed

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