Transport and Logistics safety
management made easy.

With drivers on the road and freight that needs to move, there’s no time for excessive manual safety tasks or paperwork.

Strip away the unwieldy processes and unlock greater efficiency with Lightspace logistics safety management software.

Digitise and automate toolbox meetings, inductions, certificates and more. Dashboards allow you to understand risk across your entire organisation at a glance.

Your drivers spend more time on the road, and you spend less time managing safety.

It takes transport and logistics experience to create an industry safety solution.

Lightsail’s team has spent time inside Australia’s biggest transport companies. Now they’ve created Lightspace to revolutionise the industry from the outside.

Are you struggling in any of these areas?

Large-ring-icon_01 Reduce-cost

Reducing costs and
boost efficiency

Large-ring-icon_Home_02 Tracking-Tool-box

Tracking toolbox
attendance and getting
more people engaged

Large-ring-icon_03 Driver on road

Keeping drivers on the
road rather than bogged
down with paperwork

Large-ring-icon_04 Chain of responsibility

Making sure everyone knows
your safety protocols and
CoR obligations

Large-ring-icon_05 Compliance

Reporting incidents
and meeting

Large-ring-icon_Home_04 Issue

Understanding and
managing risk

Revolutionising transport and logistics workplace health and safety management

Central Icon

Chain of Responsibility

Lightspace takes your manual safety tasks and turns them into one streamlined, cloud-based process. Take a big step towards compliance with CoR laws within the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) by having full visibility over your risk profile across your supply chain.

Toolbox Icon

Toolbox talks

Lightspace automatically takes toolbox attendance and ensures messages are getting to the right teams. If you’re struggling to engage your remote workforce, Lightspace allows you to record a video message to motivate or inspire your team.

Caution icon

Checklists and issue management

Never lose a pre-start checklist or vehicle defects form again. Lightspace’s Checklist and Form Builder allows you to create and distribute digital checklists, notify the right people to get the work done and track the job through to completion.

Quote icon
“Lightspace improved our toolbox attendance to be consistently above 98%, and boosted efficiency across a number of our core business units. I’d highly recommend it to any organisation where safety and efficiency are top priorities.”

Peter Shearer, GM of Bulk Food Grade Division, McColl’s Transport

Large-ring-icon_01 Device

Access Lightspace
on any device

Large-ring-icon_02 No printing

Eliminate printed
paper and faxes

Large-ring-icon_03 Everyone can use

Everyone can use
and understand it

Large-ring-icon_04 Easy

Easy to get started,
no software needed

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