A simpler, smarter safety management system from the Lightsail team.

Lightspace safety management system
Lightspace safety management system on mobile device

Our safety management software helps you improve workplace safety and lower your overheads.

Lightspace is designed to reduce your workload at every safety step: from toolbox meetings to issue management reporting and beyond.

It was created by the Lightsail team. We’re a super-experienced software development company who love making businesses and entire industries smarter, safer and more efficient.

Lightspace: simpler, smarter safety

Lightspace safety management system eliminates paperwork and time-sucking manual tasks, reduces risk, quickly resolves safety incidents and lets workers spend more time on the job and get home safe.



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Asset Register

Safety Alerts

...It’s all sorted with Lightspace.

The team
behind the tool

Lightsail is a team of experienced developers who create fully customised digital products for organisations who want to untangle and streamline their processes, shed inefficiencies and slash overheads.

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